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RPM International Tool & Die quality policy

The RPM management and staff share a total uncompromising commitment to quality tool design and production, customer satisfaction, and compliance to the ISO 9001-2015 Standard.
Our business success is firmly built on the level of accuracy and fitness-for-purpose of the European grade tools we build, and RPM’s dedication to high quality is found at all levels of the company.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

RPM is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certified by Telarc New Zealand, registration number 1613.

RPM’s decision to become ISO accredited was driven by the need to set standards, processes and procedures that all our staff could adhere to. RPM started with ISO 9002 and expanded to the latest standard with the inclusion of the in house design team. This has given RPM a proven edge in quality and efficiency of workmanship.

The ISO system provides transparency and stability for our staff, they know what is expected of them, and how to implement and suggest improvement changes. It also empowers our staff to uphold our quality standards alongside the management team, which produces a business-wide quality management environment rather than relying on a separate quality control department.

Our global customers appreciate the assurance of ISO certification, and many manufacturers worldwide now demand that their suppliers are ISO certified.

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RPM quality objectives

  • Right first time, on time and within specification
  • Adhere to the quality systems as detailed in the ISO 9001:2008 manual
  • Encourage employees to engage in continuous improvement
  • Foster the principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Employees to submit improvement suggestions on a monthly basis to grow our ideas culture
  • Any non-conformance must be recorded and a ‘Fish Bone’ investigation completed
  • Improve employees performance through investment in training
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Recognise a job well done and provide feedback

Quality Policy Statement

While it is realized that the leadership for Quality belongs to upper management, the incorporation of quality into the product and the continual improvement of our business, requires the commitment of all members of RPM International Tool & Die Limited.

We also recognize that suppliers to RPM add to the continual improvement of our business and that they must be incorporated into our Quality Policy, Goals and Objectives and periodically reviewed on performance. A Quality Assurance Management System is developed and documented into a Quality Manual to help management in achieving the company’s objectives and goals as laid out in this manual, and in the company’s business plans.

The Quality Manual includes general management policy with regard to quality improvement, organisation and achievement of customer satisfaction and is an integral part of the RPM Business Plan and the Business Processes included herein. Quality Assurance Procedures describe what shall be done and by whom, and the degree of quality or control needed.

The successful operation of this system requires the complete co-operation of all personnel who shall be given every encouragement and opportunity to develop personal skills and capabilities which will be peer reviewed at least annually and recorded.

All personnel are asked to effectively use this system and are empowered to bring suggested changes or improvements that will ensure RPM International Tool & Die Limited maintains its quality standards.
The Quality Policy, Goals and Objectives will be reviewed at suitable periods to ensure their continuing suitability and effectiveness.

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