Our philosophy at RPM is to be an integral part of our customers business, share our knowledge and experience, use our market contacts, and to add real value to the ‘business surrounding our product’ and not just the physical tool itself. Most of us have common or similar aspirations and goals so RPM believe in working to form long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees. Without ‘Partnering’ very few of us would achieve our goals in business, and strong partnerships significantly strengthen businesses.

Our company motto sums up our commitment:

“Innovation and Excellence through Inspiration and Passion.”

The values and principles that are an integral part of RPM are:

  • Progressive
  • Integrity and honesty at all  levels of the business
  • Continuous Improvement through our Lean Manufacturing principles
  • First class quality and quality control
  • On time delivery
  • Employee training
  • Teamwork
  • Share our knowledge
  • Competitive pricing
  • Profitability

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