1. How long have you been in business?
    RPM was incorporated in February 1986. You can read the RPM story here
  2. Who are the owners of the business?
    Peter Smith, Director Manufacturing, Mark Vincent, Director Sales & Marketing and Aaron Dwight, Director Production.
  3. Who founded the business?
    Peter Smith and Mark Vincent.
  4. Is the company ISO registered?
    Yes we have been ISO registered since March 2000, our registration number is 1613. We are registered with Telarc SAI Ltd to AS/NZS ISO9001-2008.
  5. Do you manufacture and export tools globally?
    Yes RPM has exported custom tooling since 1990. Over the past 23 years we have sent tooling and specialised purpose built equipment to most parts of the world so we are well versed on export requirements.
  6.  Do you validate all tooling in-house?
    Yes for all press tools we have a 1000 ton hydraulic try out press for tooling validation. This has a bed size of 2700mm x 1700mm. Maximum stroke is 1500mm and the smallest tool we can trial is 300mm height wise.
    For injection mould tools we have a 150 ton Arburg, tie bar distance 470mm x 470mm. We currently validate injection moulds that are too big for the Arburg with a local moulding company.
  7. What is the largest tool you have made?
    20,000 kg
  8. What is the largest piece that you can machine?
    2000mm x 1800mm with a maximum weight of 5,000 kg
  9. Can you inspect complex parts & certify parts?
    Yes we have a Romer System 6 F-41800 Montoire and a Swift-Duo Measuring System.
  10. Do you have a tool design Service?
    Yes we have an in-house tool design department currently with 4 full time designers one of which is based permanently in Sydney. We offer part design and development and full tool design.

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