Robinhood encountered the best kind of problem when they found that the demand for their style of ironing board in the US market was far more than they could produce if they continued to use a punch press method.

It was time to come up with stamping tooling capable of supplying the volume required, and Robinhood knew that RPM could build a form tool that would enable them to meet the fantastic demand.

Benefits of RPM Form/Press/Stamping tool design:

  • Unmatched speed to market
  • Almost 30 years experience
  • In house design team
  • Notch, pierce, form and flange tooling
  • Progression dies, transfer dies and custom requirements
  • Deep draw form tool expertise

RPM were commissioned to design and build the high volume form tooling.

The press tool for the ironing board station weighed in at 4,012kg and was built and delivered in just 8 weeks.

RobinHood’s production team were so pleased with the result that this led to an ongoing relationship for custom tool design and manufacture.

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