In 2001, long term RPM customer Bonson required a toolmaker capable of producing thin wall moulds.

RPM stepped up, with investment in the specialised technology to achieve the required accuracy, and help from suppliers such as the renowned Husky thin wall hot runner systems.

Benefits of thin wall injection moulding design:

  • Industry beating delivery to market timeframes
  • Exceptionally fine tolerances
  • Continual thin wall injection moulding design improvement
  • Use of the latest technology in design; conformal cooling

The initial thin wall injection mould tool was built within 10 weeks and weighed 1,500kg. Bonson were pleased with both the short timeframe and the high performance standard of the tool.

RPM now have over a decade’s experience with thin wall injection moulding and build a wide range of multi-cavity thin wall tools, with an average wall section of 0.4mm, and cycle times of 3-3.5 seconds.

These thin wall injection moulding tools have been used for products as diverse as disposable beer glasses, fast food containers and lids of varying size and shape.

Talk to RPM about the design of thin wall Injection Moulds for your requirements.

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