Latest CADCAM technology

Our CADCAM technology enables you to turn your concept into reality faster than ever before.  RPM have invested heavily in this area to make our processes seamless and lightning fast, to bring your concepts to prototype or market even sooner.

  • Latest CAD CAM technology
  • 3D solid modeling saves time and money
  • Clients can see the tool prototype in 3D before tooling
  • Instant update for changes to design and machining

RPM uses the most up to date CAD CAM technology in the market; Creo 2. Having the latest CAD CAM technology enable enables RPM to interface with our major clients to dramatically reduce the design and build time for moulds.

Our Creo 2 software enables us to deliver top quality product, part design and tool design from conception to the final tool manufacture. Seamless technology from design, through to the CNC machining centre, eliminates time and mistakes.

CADCAM Speed and accuracy

Creo 2 enables us to create a model of a product and its mould at the same time.  When we change the design for one, the software automatically changes the design for the other and updates the bill of materials.

CADCAM technology greatly reduces the chance of errors as well as providing instant updates for design changes and the flow on effect to updating machine code. Our highly skilled design team are all trained CNC operators or toolmakers, and work with the latest CNC machines, using the same Creo 2 CADCAM platform.

All bench and CNC work stations throughout the factory are linked to the Creo 2 CADCAM platform so that all operators and tradespeople are working with the latest information. All our CNC machines can perform high speed machining and hard machining.

RPM has been manufacturing tools since 1986, so we understand the importance of uncompromising commitment to excellence.

The CADCAM Process

  • Consultation with the client and provision of specifications
  • Design created using Creo 2 CADCAM platform
  • Creo 2 enables RPM to create a model of a product and its mould at the same time
  • When we change the design for the mould, the software automatically updates the machine code and updates the bill of materials
  • Creo then outputs a full bill of materials directly into the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system ready for purchasing
  • CNC Machining commences

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CADCAM means Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Machining
CNC means Computer Numerical Control

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