CNC Machining to Fine Tolerances

RPM has a wide range and capability within its suite of modern high speed, high accuracy CNC machines, and offers 5 Axis simultaneous CNC machining as part of its high quality services. Our modern Deckel Maho 200P CNC machine enables RPM to undertake complex machining on parts up to 5000kg.

Modern CNC equipment and highly skilled CNC operators for superior accuracy

Lean Manufacturing Systems

  • Quick changeover technology
  • Short delivery lead time
  • One of the largest 5 axis simultaneous machining center in New Zealand
  • 5000 kg work table load, large working envelope 1800 x 2000 x 1100

At RPM we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality fine tolerance components and parts for mould manufacture.

Our speed to market for all machining is unmatched by competitors.  Our highly skilled CNC operators program at the machine and are responsible for all quality checks as the parts come off the CNC centre.

All machining is undertaken using state of the art cutting technology, hi-feed cutter, diamond coated cutter and titanium cutters. Using only European grade tool steels and modern cutting technology results in superior surface finish and a more stable finished product.

Your project will be given to one of our ten programmers who are all trained toolmakers or CNC operators. They work with the latest CNC machines, which can all perform high speed machining and hard machining.

RPM’s Deckel Maho provides outstanding quality and very fast turnaround on parts. The 5 axis simultaneous CNC milling machine is one of the largest of its type in the tool-making industry in New Zealand. Having this machine has enabled RPM to compete internationally and to stay at the forefront of machining techniques. Our machinery and facilities are second to none.

Fast Turnaround

Machined components are scheduled and manufactured on a just in time basis to ensure a seamless transition to the bench area when required. Every step of the process is given a defined timeline and assigned to a person who is responsible for delivering on time, every time.

Quick changeover technology enables machining centres to operate 24 hours a day if required.

Deadlines are no problem running concurrent engineering systems of all processes. Creo 2 enables us to create a model of a product and its mould at the seam time.  When we change the design for one, the software automatically changes the design for the other and updates the bill of materials.

Still concerned about deadlines?  Our equipment allows us to run two shifts, making RPM’s lead times second to none.

Quality Tooling

We’re serious about getting your product to market on time and on spec – and our promises are backed up by the latest in CADCAM technology, and our ISO 9001/2008 certification.

We take pride in the fact that our highly skilled work holds up to the challenges it is designed for and does not get returned to us. This is why our clients keep coming back to RPM for high quality machine parts and components.

Clients who incorporate our build philosophy into their value systems enjoy unrivaled delivery times, and products that meet every specification.

CNC Machining Clients

RPM has manufactured custom tooling since 1986 for local and international clients including:

  • Emirate Team New Zealand, undoubtedly the world’s leading racing yacht designers
  • AB Industries Ltd, Australasia’s leading service company to the power generation industry,
  • New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd, one of the world’s purest aluminium ingot producer
  • Coca Cola the largest global soft drink manufacturer
  • Hansen Products NZ Ltd one of Australasia’s leading innovators and manufacturers of pipe fittings for the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Read our case studies here.

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CADCAM Process

CNC grinders feature sophisticated software that allows geometrically complex parts to be designed either parametrically or by using third party CAD/CAM software.

3D simulation of the entire grinding process and the finished part is possible as well as detection of any potential mechanical collisions and calculation of production time. Such features allow parts to be designed and verified, as well as the production process optimized, entirely within the software environment.

CNC Machining is often used for splines, turbines, impellors, large work pieces, and various other intricate shapes.
CADCAM stands for Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Machining.
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.

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