Stamping Tools / Press Tools / Form Tools

In house design, trialing and manufacture of stamping tools

The terminology varies around the globe, but whether you call them stamping tools, press tools or form tools, these tools are an integral part of many manufacturers’ processes.

At RPM we manufacture high quality press tooling at internationally competitive prices, and work to specific build times based on the value of the tool, to ensure that our clients enjoy unrivalled delivery times.

  • Unmatched speed to market
  • Almost 30 years experience
  • In house design team
  • Notch, pierce, form and flange tooling
  • Progression dies, transfer dies and custom requirements
  • Deep draw form tool expertise

RPM design and manufacture press and deep draw form tools, from simple through to complex, for the household appliance and automotive industries as well as other sectors including the electronic industry.

RPM’s highly skilled in-house design team undertakes all tool designs for notch, pierce, form and flange tooling. The design team is well versed in the complexities of progression dies, transfer dies and other custom requirements required within the press tool field.  We also have particular expertise around deep draw tools and the specialized nature required to run these.

We manufacture individual press tools up to 1900mm x 1700mm using only European grade tool steels unless our client stipulates otherwise.

As a mark of our success, RPM manufactures custom press tooling for global clients including Fisher & Paykel PML and Scott Technology, two of the world’s most innovative and leading white ware line manufacturers, Fisher & Paykel Appliances, one of the world’s foremost developers in the household appliance sector, and Mercer Building Products Ltd a leading supplier of stainless steel products.

RPM’s sales team is ready to talk about your press tooling / stamping requirements.

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