RPM offers spark eroding as part of its high quality machining services. Our modern CNC spark eroder, NC spark eroders and manual spark eroders undertake all work in-house.

Modern CNC  electrical discharge machining equipment

  • Quick changeover technology
  • Highly skilled spark eroder operators
  • Lean manufacturing systems
  • Dedicated high speed CNC graphite electrode machining centre
  • Superior high speed electrode manufacture

We track the progress of our spark finished components projects through every stage, and take pride in the fact that we deliver our high quality work within unbeatable timeframes. Quick changeover technology enables RPM’s machining centres to operate 24 hours a day if required.

RPM has the only dedicated high speed CNC graphite electrode machining centre in New Zealand which means we can deliver superior detail on electrodes. Because at RPM we use European grade tool steels and modern spark eroding technology, the result is a superior surface finish and extremely fine detail.

RPM designs tools to fully meet your every requirement, and our highly skilled CNC operators program at the machine. Our clients return to RPM, again and again, for high spec tooling parts and components.

RPM’s international clients include the likes of Hansen Products NZ Ltd one of Australasia’s leading innovators and manufacturers of pipe fittings for the agriculture and horticulture industries. Read our case studies here.

At RPM we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality fine tolerance tool components and parts for mould manufacture.

We’re happy to talk to you now about how we can help your business.

How does Spark Erosion work?

Spark erosion, also called spark eroding, electrical discharge machining, EDM, spark machining, burning, die sinking or wire erosion, is a manufacturing process which uses electrical discharges (sparks) to create the desired shape.

A series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage removes material from the work piece. When the distance between the two electrodes is reduced, the intensity of the electric field allows current to flow between the two electrodes, removing material from both electrodes.

Mainly used for hard metals, spark eroding can cut intricate contours or cavities in pre-hardened steel without needing heat treatment to soften and re-harden them.

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