RPM offers both cylindrical grinding and surface grinding to fine tolerances as part of our CNC machining services. Our modern CNC grinding equipment can undertake most work in-house.

  • Modern CNC grinding equipment
  • Quick changeover technology
  • Highly skilled CNC milling operators
  • Lean manufacturing systems
  • Short delivery lead times

Our speed to market is unmatched, and our quick changeover technology enables machining centres to operate 24 hours a day if required.

All grinding is undertaken using state of the art grinding technology with a full suite of grinding wheels held on-site, and RPM produce CNC ground components for all engineering disciplines using snow grinding, surface grinding and cylindrical grinding.

Using only European grade tool steels and modern grinding technology results in superior surface finish and a more stable finished product. Our highly skilled CNC machine operators program at the CNC milling machine and perform quality checks on the spot.

RPM’s International Clients include:

  • Emirate Team New Zealand, undoubtedly the world’s leading racing yacht designers
  • AB Industries Ltd, Australasia’s leading service company to the power generation industry
  • New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd, one of the world’s purest aluminium ingot producer
  • Coca Cola the largest global soft drink manufacturer.

Learn more about the work we do for our clients in our case studies pages, or talk to our helpful team today about how we can assist with your plans.

What is Grinding?

Grinding is widely used in manufacturing and tool making and the processes vary widely. Grinding can be used to produce very fine finishes and extremely accurate dimensions, or to rapidly rough out large volumes of metal in mass production. Grinding is usually better suited than regular machining to very hard materials and is useful for making very shallow cuts. Grinding can be used to reduce a part’s diameter by tiny increments such as half a thousandth of an inch.

Surface Grinder

Surface grinding creates a flat surface using a rotating abrasive wheel to remove material. Surface grinding is normally used on cast iron and steel, but is also used to grind aluminum, stainless steel, brass and some plastic materials.

Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical grinding, also called center-type grinding, is the CNC milling process used to grind cylindrical surfaces and shoulders of a component. The shape of the abrasive cylindrical grinding wheel can vary widely to create different shaped parts, but the standard disk shaped wheels create straight or tapered shapes.

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