We work closely with a recognised expert for all Stamping Simulation requirements. Using an expert in stamping simulation gives us access to the vast knowledge they have gained from countless simulations, which extends to material types, press machines, and of course tool design.

Stamping simulation also offers these benefits:

  • Virtual try-outs
  • Complete process design or strip layout proven in simulation
  • Material forming limitation
  • Material thinning information
  • Optimised tooling surfaces
  • Developed blank shape
  • Spring back analysis
  • Forming forces
  • Complete progression strip design

We highly recommend that clients investing in press tool manufacture also included stamping simulation as a way of maximising their investment.

What is stamping simulation?

Stamping simulation allows the forming process of any sheet metal part to be simulated using software, so sheet metal part designers and toolmakers can avoid the expense of making a physical tool, by using stamping simulation to discover how likely successful manufacture of a sheet metal part is.

Stamping simulation, also known as forming simulation, calculates the proposed sheet metal stamping process, and by predicting possible defects like splits, wrinkles, springback and material thinning, enables the tool maker to avoid them.

The stamping simulation means that the tool designer can identify the optimum design specifications.

Stamping simulation is very important in the manufacturing industry, where lead time to market, product cost, and lean manufacturing are critical to success.

Let’s discuss your stamping simulation needs.



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