RPM designs Injection Mould for Stadium Seat for 2004 Olympics in Athens

After performing exceptionally well in a smaller initial project, RPM was awarded the contract to develop an Injection Moulding Tool for the production of stadium seating at the 2004 Athens Olympics by Australian company Starena International.

Project Challenges:

  • Ultra-fast 12 week build time
  • Complex design features
  • Extensive deep cavity EDM machining
  • Complex shut off-blanking faces

The Athens stadium seat project is an example of the ongoing relationships that RPM develops with their customers. Starena International was so pleased with RPM’s tool design capabilities and workmanship on the first seat project, an injection mould for a two piece auto folding design that they didn’t hesitate in awarding RPM with the contract for the Athens job.

The Athens Injection Mould Seat tool weighed 3,400kg and presented some challenges during the manufacture. The mould had a standard ejection system, very complex curved part line, extensive deep cavity EDM machining and a large number of intricate shut off – blanking faces.

RPM and its client were very pleased with the quality of the tool and the product quality as well as the tool cycle time. RPM is always happy to discuss the design of purpose built Injection Moulds to suit your particular application.

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